NPM : package manager

way 1 : install jasmine package

npm install jasmine-node

The folder node_modules/jasmine will be created

way 2 : install jasmine package in global scope

sudo npm install -g jasmine-node

way 3 : install all dependencies using package.json ( recommended*** )


     "name": "whatever",
     "version": "0.0.1",
     "description": "whatever",
     "main": "index.js",
     "scripts": {
         "test": "jasmine"
     "author": "dsin",
     "license": "ISC",
     "dependencies": {
         "jasmine": "^2.5.2"

npm install

way 4 : install and add dependency to package.json

npm install jasmine-node --save


npm install --save jasmine-node

[ squid ] cache


sudo apt-get install squid

Configuration File path


Start Squid

sudo start squid3

HTTP Proxy Port 3128

Access Log File path


To check whether we are on cache.

TCP_MISS/200 means that the requested document was not in the cache but it could fetch it OK from the web server. The direct at the end says that the file was fetched from the webserver.
TCP_IMS_HIT/304 means that the client asked if the file has changed, and squid checked its date/time on the webserver and found it had not changed, so it gave a copy of the file to the client out of its local cache.


ref :

[ nginx ] url rewrite

From `nginx.conf`, we have include `/etc/nginx/conf.d/*.conf` and `/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/*`, so we can include on any of this files.


include /etc/nginx/conf.d/*.conf;
include /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/*;

Add the following code in the server section.

# Verify URLs (wk)
# curl -I "http://localhost:7771/cache_buster/mock/whatever/?userId=1234&noAjax=1"
location /cache_buster {
  alias /var/www/html/whatever/path/it/is/;
  index index.html index.htm index.php;

  if (!-f $request_filename) {
            rewrite ^/cache_buster/(.+)$ /whatever/URL/path/cache_buster.php?path=$1 last;

Then restart nginx.

sudo service nginx restart

[ firefox ] always allow flash


Firefox has prevented the outdated plugin "Adobe Flash" from running on

Update now...


We should update the flash. However, if we want to disable a warning in every site.

Go to about:config and set

extensions.blocklist.enabled : false

ref :