Episode I : Senior at last

Yesterday was the first day I officially open my blog.But Internet Explorer was error so my first eloquence disappeaer T_T.
I will recall my first eloquence and post it later. Don’t miss it !!!!
 A quarter to midnight ,Now I just come back from my teaching job ,so tried.Today is the first day the university opened.
Last night I told my parents that my course starts at 9 pm . So they wake me up at 7.30 .
No reason to wake up at that time this day, I move a little and get some rest.
8.00 am My phone remind me,shit!! it’s my friend birthday.I set it to remind me at 8.00 am last year (last year my course start at 8.00).
I am so sleepy and slowly move myself to turn off the phone and pick my pillow to rest more 555.Until 8.45 I go to bath. 
 As you known for the first day ,masters introduce their subject. According to my learning table, courses end at 4.00 pm .But today the master of afternoon subject cancelled class,luckily 55.
So I have plenty of time go to Silom to ask the detail of TOEFL class.I go with Kwan and Tuk and we have some ice-cream there at Moo’s Club.Kwan is Tuk’s girlfriend.Many time I saw their quarrel ,not even today.
And many times I think the cause of their quarrel is only a little thing.But the one thing I like is they talk (quarrel :)) to each other directly.When they have something annoyed or not pleased they’ll explain out.That’s make each other understand.
Even though speaking out caused the quarrel but the quarrel make understand.I think it’s better than enclosed the feeling inside.
 Today Bird (my friend) meets Master Chaowadit .They talk about their project.Before I leave,I ask Master for the Japan Scholarship.He told me that many of lecturer here gets the Japan’s goverment Scholarship.
That’s the one reason why I don’t accept the TOEFL course immediately (Other reason is I have no money.55) When I(E.T.) go home ,I search for the Japan Embassy ‘s telephone number and make the call.The first word operator said is #&^$*#^*!@ (<- It’s a Japanese words that I don’t understand)
A minute later ,I think the lady know my foolish ,she speak to me in English "Hello".I don’t care reply her in Thai (555 Shameless).At last she pass the line to the one who known about scholarship (Success !!!).I think the operator must be Japanese people ,notification from her Thai accent.         
 I ask for the Post-Graduated at two places but the answer is the same. "No". I was so serious so I go to sleep.(Actually I tried from laughing at the Moo’s)  
When I wake up,it’s teaching time.I go to teach and come back here to wrote my all day diary. Happy Ending .Yes!!!! Yes!!!!

Oh almost 1 am now ,I have to hurry up. My course start at 9 am tomorrow.See you later .Bye bye.
God bless you.

P.S. Please comment in English . I ‘ll tell the reason when I rewrite my eloquence .