[Ax2012] Service Group ( AIF ) : enable query new service group in excel add-in `add data`

Enable standard Ax Service In Excel file

`VendVendTableService(sys)` is standard vendor service, we would like to use this in excel add-in `add data` import of Ax.

First there is nothing in Ax excel add-in `add data`

nothing_in_excel_add_data1. Add Service to Service Group, now I add to `AccountsPayableServices`vendvendtableservice 2. Redeploy Service Group

deployservicegroup3. Click activate Service Group in

System Administration > Setup > Services and Application Integration Framework > Inbound ports

inbound_portactivateServiceGroup3. Add in

Organization Administration > Setup > Document Management > Document Data sources

Excel “Add Data” function allows you to access Services, standard Queries (Query references) and Custom Queries exposed through Document Data Sources in Organization Administration > Setup > Document Management > Document Data sources. The challenge is how to set up security settings for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Excel Add-in following required minimum privilege principle to allow users import/export data.


Shown in excel

shown_in_excel_add_datacreate Brand-new (custom) AIF Web Service 

The rough idea is to generate code using `Query`.

Query : AlexQuery

Generated Class
– Document Object Class : AlexQuery
– Service Class : AlexQueryService ( format : …Service )
– Data Object Class : AlexQuery_AlexTable

– Axd Document Class : AxdAlexQuery ( format : Axd… )

– AxBC Class : AxAlexTable

– Job : GenerateXSDSchema_AxdAlexQuery

– ??? : AlexQueryService
– ??? : AxdAlexQueryDCT
– ??? : DataContainerTypes
– ??? : AifTableNaturalKeyDataContainerTypes

See ax2012exceldataimport

 How to add fields in existing service

See ax2012exceldataimport

manually create Enhanced port

See ax2012exceldataimport



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