Number sequence generation

NOTE : if we move the code from one server to another server, we need to rerun the job on the new server.

For example, load number sequence to module production

static void loadNumberSequenceModuleProduction(Args _args)
 NumberSeqModuleProduction NumberSeqModuleProduction = new NumberSeqModuleProduction();

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[ teamviewer ] lock password

Normally the user id is fixed for each machine, but password is random. teamviewer_password This is how to fix the password in personal password. Extras > Options teamviewer_options   security > password and enter the password and confirm password pwd   After that what we need is only the user id and password that we fixed for connection.

[ ax2012 ] reporting service

The default Report Server Configuration ID could not be found in the SRSServers table

System administration> Setup> Business intelligence> Reporting services> Report servers


– Report Manager URL

– Web Service URL

by looking the URL at

Reporting Services Configuration Manager

– Web Service URL

– Reporting Manager URL

NOTE : In Reporting Services Configuration Manager, make sure that the `Database > SQL Server name` is point to the right database

report server cannot decrypt the symmetric key that is used to access sensitive or encrypted data in a report server database.


The user or gorup name is not recognized

update field AOSACCOUNT of SYSSERVERSESSIONS table ( ref )


Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password

Reporting Services Configuration Manager

setup the Execution Account

Execution Account > Uncheck “Specify an execution account” ( ref )


User does not have required permissions. Verify that sufficient permissions have been granted and Windows User Account Control (UAC) restrictions have been addressed.

If set the `Folder settings` correctly, Don’t forget to run IE as admin

[ ax2012 ] workflow batchjob

Workflow status pending for long

make sure the batchjob is running

To set workflow batchjob

1. configure batch group, setting the running server

System administration > Setup > Batch group

2. Run the workflow configuration wizard

System administration > Setup > Workflow > Workflow infrastructure configuration

This will create

3 workflow batchjobs
– Workflow message processing ( \Classes\SysWorkflowMessageQueueManager )
– Workflow due date processing  ( \Classes\WorkflowWorkItemDueDateJob )
– Workflow line-item notifications ( \Classes\SysWorkflowNotificationManager )

ref :

To solve batch group not running

System administration > Setup > System > Server configuration

tick `Is batch server`

NOTE : We can use /Forms/Tutorial_WorkflowProcessor to test whether the batch was running correctly or not

[ ax2012 ] The transactions on voucher do not balance as per

The transactions on voucher do not balance as per

Don’t forget to enter offset account

ref :


The transactions on voucher do not balance as per ( accounting currency : , reporting currency : )

Vendor posting profiles


Account code

NOTE : The AP parameters have to be set