[ ax2012 ] dynamics protocol

Access to protocol dynamics://


(Default)       =”URL:dynamics link”

URL Protocol=””


(Default)         =”path\to\AxHLink.exe %1″


ref : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3468000/problem-setting-up-custom-url-protocol-on-windows-ce

NOTE: to open RemoteApp ( .rdp ), use mstsc command, for example

(Default) = mstsc.exe "D:\AXHLink.rdp"

or if we would like to pass parameter, just use the simple batch file and point the link to batch file


(Default) = D:\AXHLink %1

batch file that append `remoteapplicationcmdline:s:`

@echo off
copy D:\\AxHLink_Template.rdp D:\\AxHLink.rdp
echo %* >> D:\\AxHLink.rdp
call D:\\AxHLink.rdp

Access Rdp via web url

Access the rdp via

https://[your ip]/RDWeb/


Even we use IE version that is >= 6.

Browser Not Supported

This Web browser is not supported by RD Web Access. RD Web Access requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.

You can download the latest version of Internet Explorer from the Windows Update Web site.


1. Access IIS manager using Administrator privilege, click HTTP response


2. Click Add..

Name: X-UA-Compatible
Value: IE=9

3. Restart IIS Server

using Manager Server > Restart button on the right of the previous screenshot

ref : http://leetcloud.blogspot.com/2014/06/remote-desktop.html

[ ax2012 ] Some Form of Some User crash


– User can open AX Client

– but cannot access some form

– while another user can access the same form

Root cause

This is because of the Personalized setting. ( User may add some fields etc. to make the form crash )


– File > Tools > Options

– Usage Data

– Form setup

– remove all the rows that related with this form

[ ax2012 ] One time vendor

1. AP > Setup > AP params

General > Vendor > One-time Vendor account : __

Number Sequence > One-time Supplier : __

2. When open PO, instead of choose Vendor number, tick the one time vendor.

3. Ax will automatically create vendor in vendor master with type one-time vendor,

Vendor number = One-time Supplier Number Sequence

Base information = inherit all base information from the vendor number specified in One-time Vendor account field.

Ref : http://www.dynamicsteaching.com/one-time-vendor-account-functionality-in-ax-2012/

[ ax2012 ] vendor prepayment journal

1. Post PrePayment Journal
with Payment > Prepayment journal voucher : ticked

2. Settle open transaction of vendor ( link the prepayment to invoice )
Vendor > Invoice > Settle > Settle open transactions
– prepayment
– invoice
click update

3. Payment
The amount for the invoice will be decreased

ref : http://vsdynamicsfinance.wordpress.com/2013/08/06/vendor-prepayment-journal/

[ ax2012 ] merge multiple invoice

Sales Order

1. select SO


2. choose summary update for `Invoice account`, and `tick the packing slip`

NOTE : we have to tick the packing slip here


NOTE : we can select packingSlip by using “select packing slip” button

3. after select packingslip, click “arrange”, the overview tab will be merged to one line

and the line tab will have many line

4. Invoice number is the same for particular invoice account


ref : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa553732.aspx

Purchase Order

1) tick two PO, click invoice


2) click each invoice to edit, change the invoice number, and choose the receipt


3) tick 2 invoice, click consolidate > invoice account


The two line will be merged

4) Edit > enter the detail, then come out and post

[ ax2012 ] Journal names

AP > Journals > Payments > Payment journal

Journal type : Vendor disbursement

FA > Journals > Fixed assets

Journal type :  Post fixed assets

AP > Journals > Invoices > Invoice Journal

Journal type : Vendor invoice recording

GL > Journals > General journal

Journal type : Daily