[ jenkins ] always send notification email using Gmail TLS


Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Email Extension Plugin

Configure SMTP

Manage Jenkins > Configure System

NOTE : To use TLS

  1. unckeck SSL
  2. -Dmail.smtp.starttls.enable=”true” *** before -jar
    “%BASE%\jenkins.war” *** in `C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\jenkins.xml`
-Dmail.smtp.starttls.enable="true" -jar "%BASE%\jenkins.war"
Configure a project to send email at every build
  1. Click “Add post-build action”
  2. Click “Editable Email Notification”
  3. Click “Advanced Settings…”
  4. Click “Add Trigger”
  5. Click “Always”
  6. Save

Configuration Example 


NOTE : In Advance setting, the default Always will notify both `Recipient List` and `Developer`, the  Failure - Any will notify `Developer` which is the person who commit to Git.


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