Jenkins plugins

  1. Parameterized Trigger Plugin : Call other Jenkin job

Plugin URL :

Add build step > ‘Trigger/call builds on other projects’




2) Credentials+Plugin

Plugin URL :

Find out ssh credential

The username can be found in the Manage Jenkins > Manage Credential page. However, if you do not have privilege, the file is at


3) GIT plugin : Sourcecode management : git

Plugin URL :


Git Plugins Credentials

For windows, put credentials inside the following folder


Private Key : From the Jenkins master ~/.ssh

ref :

Workaround : put this into the 
cp -R “C:\Users\myUserName\.ssh” ~/.ssh

Therefore, we know that ~/.ssh is at C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\.ssh

4) HipChat+Plugin : Hipchat Notification

Plugin URL :

You can generate a token for your own HipChat user account in the HipChat administration personal access token page.
This token does not expire, and has access to all the API’s available to you, for all scopes.
You can for example use these tokens to test REST API calls when building an add-on.

ref :

5) EnvInject Plugin

Plugin URL :

inject environment variable i.e. JAVA_HOME

6) Timestamper Plugin

Plugin URL :

“Build Environment > Add timestamps to the Console Output” job option

7) Rebuilder Plugin

Plugin URL :

How to Uninstall Plugin

If Jenkins’ version earlier than 1.487, need manually uninstalling the plugin.

To see version, go to http://localhost:8080/about/?

To manually uninstall a plugin,

  • stop Hudson/Jenkins
sudo service jenkins stop
  • go to your HUDSON_HOME/plugins directory ( /var/lib/jenkins/plugins ) and remove both 1) .hpi file and 2) folder with the same name. So, if you were going to remove the CVS plugin, you would remove both the cvs.hpi file and the cvs directory.
  • restart Hudson/Jenkins and the plugin won’t be there anymore.
sudo service jenkins start

ref :


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