[ Hackintosh ] Hello Leopard in 2016

picture-3I have installed Leopard hackintosh 10.5.3 around 7+ years before on my HP laptop.

Then, my HP pavilion dv2000 was broken due to the NVIDIA heat problem. Although, I bought an insurance, but HP offer free claim for everyone after the problem. ( FUCK ! )

I removed the HDD out of my HP laptop and then put it in External HDD case, then I use DELL laptop to run the OS. ( ubuntu, windows, etc. )

However, DELL laptop could not run hackintosh in the HDD. I faced the black screen when boot hackintosh.

Today I google around and found the solution on the website. By enter Single user mode using ( -s ) option when boot. ( NOTE : I tried verbose mode ( -v ) before, but no clue to solve problem )

By manually move file to the backup folder using the command below, then restart the machine, and my hackintosh can be booted again.

mkdir /DsinBackup

cd /System/Library/Extensions

mv -f NVD*.kext /DsinBackup

mv -f ATI*.kext /DsinBackup

mv -f AppleIntel* /DsinBackup


picture-5Screen Resolution

Add the code below to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist

<key>Graphics Mode</key>


Internet browsing

Internet browsing is very slow on both safari and firefox. The browser program is not slow, somehow I feel like the connection is not stable.

I also got ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap when I try to download the chrome from the official chrome site.

However, after upgrade to firefox 16.0.2, the browsing speed is OK. Although, we have some problem with the new webpage, the rest is fine.


Firefox 16.0.2 is the last version to use with Leopard.

Therefore, I upgrade from Firefox 4 to Firefox 16.0.2.

picture-1It’s 2016 and Firefox said version 16.0.2 is up-to-date. Hooray !!






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