[ AngularJS] angular-growl-v2


var app = angular.module('myApp', ['angular-growl']);

app.config(['growlProvider', '$httpProvider', function(growlProvider, $httpProvider) {



Handling Server Sent Notifications


On every HTTP request and looks if response contains messages.

Interceptor looks in response for a messages array of objects with text, title and severity key. This is an example response which results in 3 growl messages.

Example HTTP response

"someOtherData": {...},
"messages": [
{"text":"this is a server message", "severity": "warn"},
{"text":"this is another server message", "severity": "info"},
{"text":"and another", "severity": "error", "title" : "Server side errors!"}

ref : http://janstevens.github.io/angular-growl-2/#time-to-live-countdown

Alert Error notification

myApp.factory('whatever', ['growl', function(growl){

growl.error("error message");




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