[ jasmine ] spyOn(param, method).and.returnValue(whatever)

mock the function to return value

spyOn(param, method).and.returnValue(whateverReturnValue)

ref : http://tobyho.com/2011/12/15/jasmine-spy-cheatsheet/

By default, when you use spyOn with jasmine, it mocks that function and doesn’t actually execute anything within it. If you want to test further function calls within, you’ll need to call .andCallThrough()

describe("A spy, when configured to call through", function() {
var foo, bar, fetchedBar;

beforeEach(function() {
foo = {
setBar: function(value) {
bar = value;
getBar: function() {
return bar;

spyOn(foo, 'getBar').and.callThrough();

fetchedBar = foo.getBar();

it("tracks that the spy was called", function() {

it("should not affect other functions", function() {

it("when called returns the requested value", function() {

mock http request using $httpBackend

 beforeEach(inject(function(_$rootScope_, _$httpBackend_) {

$scope = _$rootScope_;

$httpBackend = _$httpBackend_;



ref : https://docs.angularjs.org/api/ngMock/service/$httpBackend

compile directive

from $scope.params, $scope.form

var element = angular.element("<whatever-directive params1='params' form='form'></whatever-directive>")

expect(functionName).toHaveBeenCalledWith(“whatever”, “function”, “parameter”);

describe("A spy, when created manually", function() {
var whatAmI;

beforeEach(function() {
whatAmI = jasmine.createSpy('whatAmI');

whatAmI("I", "am", "a", "spy");

it("is named, which helps in error reporting", function() {

it("tracks that the spy was called", function() {

it("tracks its number of calls", function() {

it("tracks all the arguments of its calls", function() {
expect(whatAmI).toHaveBeenCalledWith("I", "am", "a", "spy");

it("allows access to the most recent call", function() {

ref : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17705121/jasmine-how-to-spy-on-a-function-call-within-a-function,



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