[ macOS Sierra ] switch 2 github account on sourceTree

This is how to use a particular IdentityFile on macOS sourcetree.

  1. add “IdentitiesOnly yes” to ~/.ssh/config, so the result will be below.
Host dsin-GitHub
HostName github.com
User dsin
PreferredAuthentications publickey
IdentitiesOnly yes
IdentityFile /Users/dsin/.ssh/dsin-GitHub

2) test it

$ ssh -T git@dsin-GitHub


$ ssh -vT git@dsin-GitHub

3) change your remote repo address to git@dsin-GitHub, instead of git@github.com

NOTE : you can try force SSH private key using -i

$ ssh -i /Users/dsin/.ssh/dsin-GitHub git@github.com

or simply go with ~/.ssh/config

host *.compute-1.amazonaws.com
  IdentifyFile ~/.ssh/Whatever-Key

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