[ rails ] reek in sublime

Install package

*** important ! even we have reek in the rvm

gem install reek

NOTE : you have to run this install in the right directory !!!


Sublime package

Install SublimeLinter-contrib-reek package



​​​​SublimeLinter-contrib-reek package read reek configuration from config.reek

Example : if our project uses `site.reek`

Tools > SublimeLinter > Open User Settings


"linters": {
"reek": {
"@disable": false,
"args": ["-c", "/home/pong/Desktop/whatever_project/site.reek"],
"excludes": []



SublimeLinter Debug Tips

Tools > SublimeLinter > Debug mode


View > Show Console


ref : https://packagecontrol.io/packages/SublimeLinter-contrib-reek ,



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