[ wordpress ] gcloud

Switch Gcloud project

gcloud config set project my-project

Create database

1) a new Cloud SQL for MySQL Second Generation instance

gcloud sql instances create wordpress \
    --activation-policy=ALWAYS \

Describe where your database is

gcloud sql instances describe wordpress | grep region

TIPS : delete

gcloud sql instances delete wordpress

2) Create the database
instance name / database name : `wordpress`
database user name : `root`

gcloud sql databases create wordpress --instance wordpress

TIPS : delete

gcloud sql databases delete wordpress --instance wordpress

3) change root password

gcloud sql users set-password root % \
    --instance wordpress \
    --password=YOUR_INSTANCE_ROOT_PASSWORD # Don't use this password!


composer require google/cloud-tools
composer require google/cloud-tools
php vendor/bin/wp-gae

wp-gae command provides a convenient way for you to either create a new WordPress project or add the required configuration to an existing one

The wp-gae command will ask you several question in order to set up your Cloud SQL database connection, and then write the required configuration to your wp-config.php configuration file. It also copies the following files into your project directory to allow WordPress to run on Google App Engine:

app.yaml: The App Engine configuration file that specifies the runtime and static asset handlers.
cron.yaml: The App Engine configuration file that ensures wp-cron.php is run every 15 minutes.
php.ini: For setting PHP configuration in App Engine specific to WordPress.
gae-app.php: The Front Controller, which is required for all App Engine applications.

Create a new WordPress project

php vendor/bin/wp-gae create



Migrate existing project to gcloud

php vendor/bin/wp-gae update path/to/your-wordpress-site


gcloud app deploy app.yaml cron.yaml

Pricing :

“for the month of November and December which amounts to $8.05 per month. So it’s almost the same as paying for shared hosting I’d say. It looks like the Cloud SQL instance does not shut down.”


ref : https://cloud.google.com/community/tutorials/run-wordpress-on-appengine-standard?authuser=3

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